Feast of Thrones 3D Logo


modeled, textured, & post by KAK

I created this logo for my social media feeds Feast of Thrones, a cooking feed on tumblr/instagram/facebook/twitter that is a cooking blog based on Game of Thrones.  When Game of Thrones airs every Sunday my friends and I get together and cook before the show, we’re all ex-chefs so most of the time the food turns out great!

This logo was inspired by the Game of Thrones logo itself ,but instead of the normal house sigils, I changed them into four different animals used in main dishes, a steer, a pig, a fish, and a chicken.  Detail was added to the logo’s band, a large table filled with wine, glasses, tankards, hanging sausages and fruit.  Some day I’d like to animate the logo.

featured at http://feastofthrones.tumblr.com/

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