Don’t call me a unicorn, I just do a bunch of different stuff. I have been creating art my entire life, and now work across numerous mediums. I was schooled in 3D animation, illustration, and video production. For my career I work daily creating many different forms of visual media, 2D and 3D animation, video production, post production, and photography.

I used to be a Chef, I suppose you always are. Outside of work I still love to cook. Being in the industry for over a decade it’s something I just can’t drop. I still throw down in the kitchen all of the time.

I also take time to give back to Milwaukee Area Technical College by being a member of their Animation Advisory Board by helping set yearly class curriculum and keep the school apprised of trends in the industry for graduating students.

Thanks for visiting my site, contact me for any inquiries about what services I can provide for your next project.