Project AME: 3D Printed Hydraulic Oil Cooler CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017

I co-directed and created the 3D animation portion of this animation for Almon Inc. “This features and benefits animation with The University of Minnesota, The Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power, and AEM of their additive manufactured, 3D printed, hydraulic oil cooler to be shown in The Tech Experience at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 in Las…

The Geisha of Kyoto

While traveling and photographing Kyoto early one morning in the bamboo forest my buddy and I were incredibly fortunate to run into the world famous photographer Russel Wong . We hit it off and Russel took us on a tour of his favorite spots in Kyoto, shrines, restaurants, and since he’s creating a photography book on…

Twin Peaks-The NES Game

Created by myself because I love Twin Peaks, The Nintendo Entertainment System, and David Lynch.  I’d die to make this game for real. I used the NES color palette to keep it as authentic as possible and sound effects from a few of my favorite games. The Awesome cover of the Twin Peaks Theme, titled…

Owl Sketch Time

Inspired by Twin Peaks and a lady, as most good things are, I decided to draw owls for an hour a day for a week.  Why are there only four owls then when there are seven days in the week?  ….Don’t worry about it.

Beer: The Motion Graphics +

Created with my good friends at Chow Content, this was the first in a series in beer related social media ads we developed for a client.                                                 “A fun teaser Chow put…

Photos From Japan

I traveled to Japan for a week , walked 63 miles in 5 days and shot a ton of photos.  It was absolutely the most amazing trip I’ve taken.  Here are a few pics from Tokyo and Kyoto.

PolyAquatic VR Logo Redux

PolyAquatic VR Logo Redux-After Effects, 3DS Max, & Unity by KAK A new revised logo with “VR” added to it, we felt like it was needed to hammer home the virtual reality aspect of the game.

Pokemon GO Pub Crawl Logo

  PokePub Crawls Logo, Photoshop & 3DS Max Created for a new Pub Crawl in Milwaukee with a Pokemon GO theme

Polygon UI Element

Polygon UI Element Created in After Effects, this in a UI element I will be implementing in a future game