Smoked Treats

Smoked Turkey Legs by KAK & Baby Back Ribs by Wiech

Raptor Textures (not model)

Raptor Textures (not model) Pretty cut and dry, here is the fully unwrapped and textured Raptor.  I like the flow I was able to get with the skin texture, lots of Komodo Dragons were used to make this possible 🙂  

Almon Inc Virtual Garage App

Almon Inc Virtual Garage App Description Within the Virtual Garage users will be able to experience and interact with the many services and content Almon Inc. provides. From technical publications and e-learning courses, to CAD data content repurposing and 3D animation, the Virtual Garage demonstrates the wide variety of Almon Inc.’s products and solutions. Whether…

YouTube Commercial for E-Learning Course

Directed, Shot, Edited, Post Text by KAK This video was designed with the purpose of selling a Failure Analysis eLearning course to prospective buyers at my employer.  Overall I’m pleased with the results.  It took two days to shoot, a few days of editing, and post

PolyAquatic VR Game for Mobile…BUY IT

Art Director, Sole Artist, Game Designer, Game Tester KAK   The official announcement of PolyAquatic.  To say I learned a lot about making a game is an understatement.  We plan on releasing regular updates to download it and stay tuned!  Check out the links below for more info and to buy the game! PolyAquatic Website…

Thermo King SR-4 Simulator App

  modeled, textured, & post of main & intereactive 3D assets by KAK Nothing too crazy here, my first published professional work app, this was through my job.  I only worked on the 3D model and the direct interactivity of the buttons on the 3D unit, a really fascinating experience and the app has solid…

Modeled Semi Truck

modeled, shot, post by KAK The real Optimus Prime.  I modeled this guy for work and rendered it to test a new look we were going for in an animation.  I always intended to make him transform, I’m sure I’ll get around to it.